Draw, First version! Please add your ideas!

1. To reinforce the work of those who already promote a better world

  • Google, Facebook
  • Millionnaires
  • Foundations
  • Famous personalities
  • Those democratic countries which still protect human rights

2. Agree a common base of core values

  • Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • This association is open to all.

3. Like Linux or Wikipedia build open structures in society to develop

  • Internet (global communication)
  • Law
  • Science
  • Education

4. Spread creative education

  • "World citizen education pack" - a half year long training course, can be self-taught
  • Not rote-learning, but an 'explore and create' process
  • Self education opportunities
  • Learn and develop communities

5. Freedom of enterpises

  • Avoid monopolies, big companies should be transparent
  • Sustainable product rules

6. Deep democracy

  • Neccesary to use human behavior studies to shape society
  • To make modelling environments to test principle variations

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